Friday, February 13, 2009

We're still here :)

I never realized how busy life could be with 2 little ones. Recently I have found myself staring at women who are out and about with 3, 4, 5 kids. How do they do it?? I feel like it is such a challenge to get my two kiddos dressed and fed and entertained everyday, and if we make it out of the house to run errands, library, dance class, ect 3- 4 times in a week, we are Really doing well!

I am so excited for spring and summer when we can ditch the bulky coats and boots- That stuff is definitely getting old! I find myself trying to think of creative "indoor" activities to do in the meantime.
Here are a few that went well: letting Ava give all her stuffed animals a bubble bath in the sink; setting up a puppet stage, buying new coloring books and tons of foam craft thingies at the dollar store and letting her create, throwing a bunch of pillows on the floor and letting the kids jump off "mountains"
Stuff that hasn't gone so well: letting Jesse try to play with playdough- big mistake; letting Ava pretend shaving cream was snow in a cake pan with plasitc toys- total disaster

One other thing that was a total success were these "pirate swords" that I found at the dollar store. Totally worth $2!! They have been lovin the pirate fights.

Like father, Like son

We went to a pirate party last weekend and Michael dressed as a Napoleon Dynamite pirate- definitely a sight to see, Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of it.

Jesse decided to give the wig and glasses a try when we got home- A chip off the ol' block for sure

Jesse actually loves to wear funny glasses and hats. When Ava was a baby she despised "dress up." I would put something on her and hurry to snap the picture before she threw it off. Not this guy - he L-O-V-E-S it!!
Ava has finally decided to take advantage of her brother's willingness to dress up and use him as her own little beauty client. She has been putting barrettes & bows in his hair, and even princess crowns. She brushes his hair and sometimes calls him "Baby Cindy." I know this seems like sibling abuse, but he really seems to enjoy the fact that she is showing him attention. I can't help but laugh- it's hilarious. I don't think Michael thinks its as funny as I do :)

Poor guy- he's gonna hate this picture when he grows up! :)

Fun in the Snow

Ava has had an absolute blast in the snow this year...even going as far to wanting to play out in it herself when Michael and I aren't able to go with her. That's a huge step for this very cautious child! She usually hates to be by herself and prefers to stay by my side all day. Last Spring we fenced our backyard, so now I sit by the window with Jesse and watch her play outside- I amazed at how big she is getting. She's not a baby anymore, I'm realizing that more and more....
She is now 3 years and 4 months old and she is really into: Ariel, Caillou, dressing up like a princess and putting play make-up on, playing with all of her stuffed animals, cooking with mommy,and doing anything artsy- This kid loves to draw!

Mommy and Ava playing in the snow

Snow princess with a crown

"helping" mommy in the kitchen