Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pictures from this week

Things are going well here. There isn't anything to new and exciting to report.

Michael and I are kind of getting tired of our house being for sale. I guess it's only been up for a few months, but it's getting old, quick! Lately there have been possibly leads, so hopefully something pans out. I guess it's not urgent that we move, but, we are feeling like we are ready to start something new, you know?

Here are some cute pictures that I wanted to share.
The first one is simply Ava being crazy, I'm pretty sure we will see that picture in her wedding slideshow one day.. classic!
The second one shows Ava's new love- Coloring! She would color all day if I let her. On this particular day I put her in her highchair and let her color while I got a few things done around the house. When I wasn't looking she decided to color her face.
The third is of me and my sis with our baby girls. Hannah and Ava are the best of friends!
We took the last 2 at the Park of Roses here in Columbus.

We hope everyone is doing great!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Crazy Times

It's been a crazy 2 weeks around here with illness. Unfortunately we all had some sort of the flu over that time period. Poor Michael caught it first with a nasty stomach flu, and then Ava got the same thing. Fortunately I only carried a fever for a couple of days and felt tired, but I definitely got the lesser side of it. Michael and Ava were both out of commission for quite a few days. Thank goodness I didn't get it worse.. I was busy taking care of them.

Unfortunately, we had to miss the Iles memorial day picnic... And some other things that we were hoping to do over the last couple of weeks. We knew that the family was sad that we couldn't come, so as a consolation, we are posting video of Ava. It's not the same, but, hey... It's something! We took it a couple of weeks ago, right before all the sickness set in. :) She's a cutie and if I can just brag on my baby for a minute.... she's so smart! She picks things up so fast, I am usually shocked a some of the things I hear her saying when she's playing by herself. The other day she dropped a bowl of snacks and she immediately said, "Aw, Man!" She must have heard us say that at some point. :)
Anyway... she gets a little camera shy when she sees the camera, but I think we got some good stuff on the video.

In other news, Michael and I celebrated 4 years of marriage yesterday! Definitely the best 4 years of my life!!!