Friday, August 22, 2008


Cathy, Mary, Danika, Kris- Friends from high school

Cami (Kris's daughter) and Ava- I wish they lived closer

Kerri (7 months pregnant- isn't she cute) and me

Within a one month's time I got the opportunity to see 4 friends that I don't get to see nearly enough. It was great catching up with Danika, Cathy, and Kris for an evening. We all went to high school together. It's always fun to catch up and see what everyone is up to. Cathy just moved from Cali to Florida( now she's a little closer to Ohio:) , Kris just had her second little cutie (She has a girl and a boy that are almost the same ages of my two kiddos-how fun!), and we recently found out that Danika is having a baby, too (yay! I'm so excited!)

I also got to go to Indiana to visit Kerri, one of my best friends from college. We always have fun watching movies, taking, shopping, ect. She's pregnant and due soon and I just can't wait to see little baby D!!

Thanks to Michael for watching the kids so I could go to Indiana and to my mom and dad for picking up the kids so I could stay out a little later with the girls. I'm thankful for little breaks every once and a while :)

the end of summer

Ava drew that and totally blew us away- She's really good at art just
like her daddy!

Ava and Jesse swinging :)

m & m

I don't think they were in a picture taking mood

Daddy playing with kids at Zoombezi bay (our summer pool pass)

Zoombezi bay- poor Jesse thought that water was too cold

Backyard kiddie pool

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Photo Shoot

The amazingness of Jen added to the cuteness of our kids = some awesome pictures.

One of our favorite people Jen, was kind enough to take some pictures of our kiddos. We are so thankful for her- she is so gifted at what she does. Her photos are always so amazing.

Michael met Jen in high school at a time when he was pretty much miserable for no good reason :)
She was determined to get him to lighten up so she used to sit next to him in class and pretend to smash his pb& j sandwiches and then draw hearts all over his book covers.. Somehow they became the best of friends. How funny is that? And after 10+ years, they are still great friends!

We just adore Jen and hope that she and Timmy (her husband) stay in our lives For-ev-er. (They are in the bottom picture with Ava when she was about Jesse's age.)

We love you Jen!! Thanks so so much for the pics!