Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our little performer

Like I said before, Ava REALLY loves to sing. She enjoys making up her own songs and she really sings from her heart. Sometimes the words are funny but I try my best to keep a straight face :) I think we might see musical theater in her future, what do you think?

Unfortunately the sound quality stinks, so turn the volume up as high as it will go.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Huge Photo Update (for my mom)

I've been so behind on updating and after many "nudgings" from my mom, I finally got around to updating. Since there were so many pics, I uploaded them to Picasa. Here are the links:

fall/winter 2009-2010

2nd fall/winter

Things are really good in the Iles home. Aside from being completely tired of all this snow, we are having a great time and enjoying life. Jesse is now 25 months and Ava is about 4 1/2. They are doing great!

Ava is still just as sweet as ever.. she's a really wonderful big sister to Jesse. She amazes me everyday at the kindness she shows all of us, and keeps me smiling with all of the songs she creates and sings. She has a really caring and loving heart, although she has to be in just the right mood for cuddling and kisses. She's growing up and looking like a pretty little lady (sniff sniff). She still adores Piggy and loves to collect tons of stuffed animals. She keeps up with her title of first born with her twinge of bossiness and her "job" of correcting us all, especially her brother :)

Jesse is getting to be a big boy. He is speaking more and beginning to form small sentences. He is LOUD! Constantly jabbering about something. Constantly yelling "Wook at me" "I did it" "Oh tay mommy" and "I tummin" (I'm coming). He steals our hearts everyday with his little smile and his big beautiful eyes. He likes to irritate his sister, but he is her biggest fan. He is almost always willing to give out kisses and hugs. I'm blessed that he still wants to sit on my lap and cuddle. Check out his video below :)

Michael and I are doing great and just reached 9 years together. We're looking forward to celebrating 7 years married in a few month and aren't feeling a twinge of an "itch" :)

Hopefully I'm off the hook now for a bit. Have a good day, Mom! :)