Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jesse's ready to bake

I caught this little rascal in sprinkle heaven the other day. I left him in the kitchen playing with fridge magnets, walked back in a minute later to this. Red sprinkles all over the floor. He even managed to unscrew the lid...what?
I'm sure I will be finding little red sprinkles on the floor for a while. I randomly see remnants of the white sprinkles Ava dumped last Christmas.

How could I get mad at a face like this :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Day after the election depression, stomach flu, and Halloween

i Jesse the Lion & Mommy

Kit, David Beckham, Ariel #1, Arial #2, and Mr. Lion @ Boo at the Zoo

Cutie Lion

Glam-girl Ariel

Happy Family at Fall Festival

Kiddos with their friend Niko the Lion

Ava and Mommy carving the pumpkin

Ava drawing pictures on the back

It's been a crazy week here- I've been wanting to get Halloween pics up for a few days but I've been playing nurse to a very sick Ava- Poor girl has been hit HARD with the flu. And then she passed it to her daddy. So, combined with the election results- There hasn't been an abundance of smiles in our house today. I am hoping that Jesse and my immune systems stay strong and that Ava and Michael will turn the corner of this thing soon.

On a brighter note- the kids looked really cute for Halloween. :)