Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas 2008

Jessie loves his Hermie

Showing a little interest in unwrapping

Humoring my with a photo before they opened their gifts

Ava left cookies for Santa, a carrot for Rudolf, and a couple of pictures that she colored...
She's a believer! :) Mommy and Ava proud of our gingerbread house- It took us a long time!
Jesse just missed Christmas last year by 2 days. This was his 1st Xmas

Posing after presents are opened...Jesse wasn't cooperating

Ava loved her bear
Family Christmas card photo

Christmas was super fun this year and it was great to see the kids loving every minute of it. We have more pictures to share of Jesse's Birthday and other family Christmas events... I'll post more later. We hope everyone have a very merry Christmas!

Monday, December 08, 2008


Michael and I randomly humor ourselves by watching stupid videos online after the kids go to bed.... I know, you wish you were cool like us.
Anyway, Michael loved this one, probably because he could relate to it. Check it out if you enjoy totally cheesy humor like we do.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Christmas Time is Here

We have been getting all ready for Christmas and the kids are loving all of the decorations, especially the tree. We had to put the tree up on a table so that Jesse couldn't get it.
Ava is totally digging watching Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate every other night. We've been letting her live it up! Michael and I love snuggling up and watching Christmas movies and it is so fun that she is old enough to enjoy it with us this year. Jesse will even sit still to watch for about a half hour. Fun times!

Little Reindeer

She loves this snow globe. I loved them, too when I was little

Terri and Rick came for a visit and while they were here we went to the Festival of Lights.

Santa just happened to be there. :) It took Ava a little off guard, so she was afraid to sit on his lap and even told him, "no thank you" when he offered her a candy cane. This girl LOVES candy canes, so she must've been really nervous. We finally convinced her to get in the picture, but she only agreed to it if P-Pa held her... oh, and she changed her mind and took the candy cane. :)

Jesse was surprisingly brave, well until he realised that he was actually sitting on Santa's lap :)

Trip to Indiana and Birthday fun

We went to South Bend to visit Amy and Jake a couple of weeks ago and took this cute picture of the kiddos with their aunt and uncle........

Michael took me to see "A Christmas Carol" for my b-day. It was fun to go out on a date.

Ava and Michael decorating my birthday cake. Ava looks like she has a french mustache :)


We spent Thanksgiving at my uncles house in southern Ohio. It was really fun, the food was so good and we had fun with family. We forgot our camera, but here is a picture of Jesse browsing the Black Friday ads.