Monday, June 29, 2009


We went to Chicago last weekend and it was super fun. We drove up to Amy and Jake's and hung out with them which was so fun and so nice of them to let us spend the night and take over their house. :) Then we headed to Chicago and packed as much into a short amount of time as we could :) We went to the Children's Museum and the kids loved it, walked all along Michigan Avenue, went to the American Girl Store (where Ava was allowed to buy the smallest doll purse I've ever seen- the store is so expensive!) Ava is still a little young to totally understand the American girl scene as she kept calling it, "the Barbie store." :)
We ate Gino's (our all time favorite deep dish- we are obsessed with that pizza, it's ridiculous!) We also met up with good friends from college, hung out at Millennium Park, played in fountains, went to the beach, walked, walked, walked....
Our hotel was awesome, right at corner of Michigan and by the river. It was great fun, yet a little challenging at times with 2 little kiddos, but all and all, they did really well. We made some wonderful memories :)