Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Pictures

This one isn't an Easter pic, but a recent one :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ode to Michael (for no particular reason)

10 Reasons I love my Husband

* He is the most honest person I know. Seriously, he never lies. (well, maybe when he tells telemarketers that I'm not home or when he assures Ava that he will marry her when she grows up....but I don't think either of those count!)

*He spends all of his free time with me and kids. He spends 5:00-8:00 with us every night and always puts the kids to bed so I can have a break. He never asks to do anything for himself. He always thinks of me before himself. It's pretty amazing.

*When I was VERY pregnant with both of our kids, He always told me how pretty I was. And he actually meant it.

*He deals with all the money stuff because he knows it stresses me out sometimes. He does it all, so I don't have to. Oh, and he has never made me feel guilty for not contributing to finances for the last few years. He supports me as I stay home with our kids and wouldn't have it any other way.

*When I have a bad day, he hands me the keys and tells me to go out to Starbucks or to go shopping for as long as I want. Most of the time I run out for an hour and rush home because I miss him and I don't want to miss out on time that he's home from work.

*When we had only been dating for a few months, he told me that I was a lot like his mom. At the time, I laughed because I thought it was a weird thing for a guy to tell his new girlfriend... I soon realized that he meant it as a huge compliment. He loves his mom and dad and thinks very highly of them.

*If we are watching one of our favorite shows and the phone rings, He quickly answers it so I don't have to.

*He plays with Ava and lets her put headbands and necklaces on him....even if we have company over. :)

* He looks away from the tv when a Victoria's Secret commercial is on (he looks at me during the whole comercial until it's over and usually tells me how pretty I am)... Every-Single- Time! I have never once told him to do this or ever said anything about it. He has always done it! He's started to cover Jesse's eyes when we walk past the big VS billboards on the way to the play area at the mall. Haha!

*He's never once done anything to make me question his loyalty or commitment to me. I think that is a pretty big deal.

I could go on and on- these are just a few.
Michael-I can't believe that I turned you down about a hundred times before I finally dated you- What was I thinking? :) Thanks for taking a risk and holding my hand 8 years, 2 months, and 11 days ago. I'm really glad you did. I love you Michael.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Jesse's 1 year old pictures (taken about 3 months too late!)

We finally took Jesse's 1 year pictures, which is great, but he's 15 months old now. These are our favorites..........

He's pretty stinkin cute! We are very bias, of course.

Jesse is now starting to say a few more words- his vocab includes: Nana (me), Dada, Ada (Ava), ball, dog, ruff ruff, all da (all done), bye, ha (hi), baba (bottle)

He's cuddly and very sweet.. He sits on my lap and kisses and hugs me which is a whole new experience this time around. . Ava was a busy body at this age and never wanted to sit on my lap. Unfortunately he is somewhat stubborn, starting to throw tantrums and hit too, so we are gearing up for this phase again. (sigh) Michael and I can't believe how much we've already forgotten already in the baby discipline department.

Thankfully he seems to balance his naughtiness with sweetness :) He really is an adorable little stinker! Even though it seems like he is becoming such a big boy, he is still a baby in so many ways. He still lets me rock him at night and he loves holding his sister's hand in the car- I know those things aren't going to last for much longer.

We love you buddy! You definitely keep us on our toes:) We can't imagine life without you!