Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Conversations with a two year old, part 2

First Conversation of the morning- I'm realising that maybe I've been trying to teach her too many things at once lately. :)

Ava- "What's your name?"
Me- "Mary Elizabeth Iles..... What's your name?"
Ava- "My name is Ava Grace Iles."
Me- "Do you remember what daddy's name is?"
Ava- "His name is Cincinnati"
Me- "No, Actually, it's Michael"
Ava- "Can I call him Cincinnati?"
Me- "Ummmm.. I guess?"

Yesterday while watching "Winnie the Pooh" for one of the first times. I had to laugh to myself. I remember having the same thoughts when I was a kid.

Ava- "Can I go in there?"
Me- "In where?"
Ava- "In there" (pointing to the tv)
Ava- "I want to go play with that guy"(pointing to Tigger)
Me- "Oh, no, we can't go into the tv... sorry sweetie, it doesn't work like that."
Ava- "When the tv breaks, then I can go play with that guy."

A couple of days ago we decided to use the reward of a "pet fish" to entice Ava to get potty trained.

Me- "Daddy and I think that if you are a Big Girl and start going potty all of the time, we could get you a little pet... Maybe a fish could come live at our house. What do you think?"
Ava- "How about a baby tiger?"